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About us


I.S.T. is a Greek construction company active in the field of mechanical constructions for the dairy and food industry.

It was founded in 1984 by A. Kapnopolis and S. Papafloratos, and since then it gives its dynamic presence both in the domestic market and abroad, being one of the most stable and fast growing companies in its field.

For the last two decades I.S.T. has specialized in the manufacture of tanks, milk preservatives, kettles - pasteurizers, transport tanks and all the mechanical equipment of a production. In addition, the company's additional experience in solving problems such as agitation, cooling, thermal insulation and automatic cleaning of machines make it the most reliable solution for the most demanding customer.

In addition to the construction department, the company's offices as well as the customer service department are housed in the modern facilities of the company in Sindos. There we are waiting for you both to guide you in our space and to discuss with you your needs.