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Quality policy

I.S.T. is to produce and supply to its customers products that fully meet their quality requirements, as they are shaped over time and described in international, European or national standards and guidelines.

Quality policy

With the main goal of absolute customer satisfaction, the Senior Management of I.S.T. , decided the development - implementation of a Quality Management System, in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9001: 2015, as described in the relevant Quality Manual and the relevant written Procedures.

The company, applying the above system, identifies and examines the quality problems in all its processes and with the help of its executives studies and takes the necessary measures to solve them, so that they are not repeated in the future. Checked and certified by Lloyd's Register Group.

Lloyd's Register Group

I.S.T. ambition and commitment is the continuous improvement of the efficiency of its Quality System with the ultimate goal of zeroing the quality and commercial complaints and the maximum possible satisfaction of the customers, both during the supply and during the long-term use of its products. In order to achieve this, the Management of INOX STEEL TECHNICAL defines and reviews objective objectives that are indicators of its quality level of performance.

The Management of INOX STEEL TECHNICAL requests from all employees their active participation and the faithful implementation of all the procedures mentioned in the Quality System. It encourages all its employees to be active and creative, in the continuous improvement of the quality level of products, services offered and human relations.